An insulin pen needle is a small, disposable needle designed for use with insulin pens. Insulin pens are used by people with diabetes to inject insulin. The insulin pen needle attaches to the insulin pen and is used to deliver the insulin into the subcutaneous tissue beneath the skin.  Insulin pen needles are typically very thin and short, usually measuring between 4 to 8 millimeters in length and ranging from 29 to 32 gauge in thickness.
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The gauge refers to the diameter of the needle, with a higher gauge number indicating a thinner needle. Thinner needles are generally less painful and cause less tissue damage during injection.  The insulin pen needle is screwed onto the pen device and should be changed for each injection to ensure cleanliness and prevent infection. After use, the needle should be disposed of properly in a sharps container or other appropriate disposal method as per local regulations.  It’s important for individuals using insulin pens to consult with their healthcare provider or diabetes educator to determine the appropriate needle length and gauge based on their specific needs and preferences.